A virtual road trip is a safe and innovative way to entertain yourself as well as a family since social distancing is now the new way of life. 

With more time spent at home, discovering ways to relieve stress when cabin fever sets can be overwhelming. Using the web as a tool to help you set free the imagination and spirit is a great idea when you find yourself feeling confined. Here are suggestions to consider for a virtual trip. 

Try online gaming that tests your luck. For starters online poker at an online casino will stimulate your mind maintain your engagement (click here to read more – casinochan.com/en-CA). These games are interactive and strategic providing no time for tedium. Gaming is essential to any trip, despite your game of choice, or age. This is one of the reasons online gaming is growing so quickly.

Interactive Online Gaming 

Interactive online games like Poker and Spades allow you to invite a partner, or take your chances with a virtual opponent. Whether you prefer arcade or trivial games, each allow for socializing but include permitting distance and comfort during the harsh realities of a worldwide epidemic.

Choose this time to discover new places now when travel is risky and shunned upon. Discover new destinations to check off your bucket list while learning about the world around you.

Visit Virtual Cities

360 Magazine shares lots of access to virtual experiences. Take a trip to visit the Music City aka Nashville with an online experience which will virtually connect you with this a beloved city. Simply head over to their CVB’s official site and conduct virtual tours of the Omni Hotel, City Winery and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

During your virtual trip, I recommend using emerging social apps. Finding fresh new fun ways to keep in touch sharing your experience virtually is fun. You can even try virtual meditation with friends and love-ones. Social apps like Google Hangouts are virtual room simulators where a happy hour won’t subject you to a deadly virus.

On Camera Messenger Apps

The latest on-camera/voice messenger app is Zoom. Originally made for business and conference calls, it is now being heavily used during this period of sheltering in place. Useful ways to utilize this platform includes, but not restricted to, the following virtual experiences: wine tasting, college reunions, organizational gatherings and music listening parties The Zoom platform gives those attending a Zoom conference an opportunity to directly speak to the recording artist while listening to their new EP.

Thus, you can virtually invite a few friends to meditate, engage in a yoga session, offer cooking lessons for the lockdown, as well as share your quarantine experiences, and best practices. Even if social media apps aren’t your ideal form of communication, you’ll value the innovative virtual experience. Get in touch with yourself while productively passing time.

Use these ideas to take yourslef to wherever you need to be virutally during the coronavirus lockdown. They are safe and easy way to help you relieve stress.


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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