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Chart Your Course Kit

Chart Your Course Kit


Whether you are mapping out your vacation, or mapping out your life, making the right choices for YOU is critical to your general happiness and well-being.  Chart Your Course includes all you need to tell your story:  where you’ve been, choices you’ve made, what you’ve overcome, or where you want to go.

92 elements with 2 variations; totaling 94 elements
28 unique papers

Detailed Element list: 1 banner (and shadowed version) 1 set of berries, 1 set of books, 7 bows, 1 brad, 1 butterfly, a case, a clock, 1 cloud, 1 compass, 1 set of wooden drawers, 1 envelope, 1 set of fasteners, 3 flairs, 1 flourish, 14 flowers, 6 sets of foliage, 6 frames, 1 set of metal gears, 1 single metal gear, 1 set of aviator glasses, 1 grungy map, 1 antique metal handle, 1 hanger, 1 aviator hat, 2 journaling pieces, 1 metal key, 1 label, 2 leafs, 1 leather bit, 1 ledger paper, 1 magnifying glass, 1 map, a measuring tape, 2 paper bits, 1 passport with 1 variation, 1 fountain pen, 1 photo mask, 4 vintage planes, 1 pointer, 1 prong, 1 set of wood and rope pullies, 7 ribbons, 1 sign, 1 water splash 1 stamp, 1 single metal star 1 set of stars, 1 suitcase

Information about this product:
Elements are saved as .png files; 300 dpi
Papers are saved as jpg files; 300 dpi; 12” x 12”

This product is Personal Use and Scrap for Hire friendly.

Best Value:
The Chart Your Course Kit is sold separately for your convenience, but is also included in the Chart Your Course Collection, which is your best value.



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