It is usually our teens teaching us about the hottest tech which is out there, and no doubt many of you will have already been blindsided by how much they know about the world of new tech. With this being said there is still a lot we can introduce them to which will significantly help them out, and today we are going to explore some tech that will help them in their growth and development in particular. 

The world of tech is about far more than fun and games, and here is where you should be pointing your teen. 

Online Driving Tests

Passing your driving test presents a wonderful opportunity and grants you a true sense of freedom. In order to gain that freedom however, first your teen will have to pass their driving test. Each state has their own rules of the road, and that is why an online test makes the most sense to get them prepped. Whether studying for a California permit test or to get a license in Arizona, an online test will help them to stay focused and hone their knowledge, so that they pass first time. 


E-readers such as the Amazon Kindle have proven to be the perfect product to encourage teens to get reading. Whilst some of the older generation may talk about preferring the touch of a real book, teens are tech-focused and that is why they will be much more inclined to read with a gadget like this. Reading improves memory, sharpness and inspires a creative mind. 

Raspberry Pi 

This wonderful product will help your teen to tap into their scientific side, which will allow them to create an enormous range of computer programs on their own. The Raspberry Pi is a series of single-board computers, which teaches your teens how computing and programming works. This will lead to your teen creating an array of great products and programs, and it will certainly be a great option for any inquisitive mind. 

Online Banking 

One particular area where many fail to properly educate their kids is money and how to manage it. For this reason getting your teen a bank account as early as possible is essential, once they have that account, introducing them to online banking is an important step to take. Through this portal they will be able to have a much better level of control over their finances. Beyond this however, they can be introduced to savings, and other financial products which they can learn about. The best option here is to have your name on the account too, so that you will have transparency as to what they are doing with their money, until they are responsible enough to do it alone. 

Fit Watch 

Investing in a fitness watch for your teen will encourage them to live a much healthier and active lifestyle. Not only will they be more inspired to live better when they are able to track their activity and their lifestyle, but you will also be able see this data, and use it to help your teen to live in a way which keeps them as healthy as possible. 

Smart tech which your teens will love, and which will support them in their growth. 

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